Professor Amos Nur

Chief Technology Officer



B.Sc., Geology, Hebrew University, Israel, 1962.

Ph.D., Geophysics, Massachussetts Institute of Technology,Cambridge, Mass, 1969.


Professional Experience:

Research Associate in Geophysics, MIT. 1969-70.

Assistant Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University, 1970-74.

Associate Professor of Geophysics , Stanford University, 1974-79.

Visiting Professor, Weizmann Institute of Sciences, 1974-77.

Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University, 1979-present.

Chairman, Department of Geophysics, 1985-1991

Director, Stanford Program in Crustal Fluids, 1993 - present.

Chairman, Department of Geophysics, 1997-present


University service:

Member, Academic senate. 1994-1995.

Member, Committee on Committees. 1994.

Member, Committee on Research. 1995-1997.


Other Professional Positions:

Member, Lunar Sample Review Board, 1972-73.

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research, 1974-77.

Member, Committee on Seismology, National Research Council, 1974-77.

President, Tectonophysics Section, AGU, 1976-77.

Member, National Science Foundation Earth Sciences Advisory Board, 1974-77.

Member, National Academy of Science Earthquake Delegation to the Peoples Republic of China, 1976.

Delegate, Japan-US, Earthquake Prediction Symposium, Tokyo, 1977.

Director, Stanford Rockphysics & Borehole Geophysics Project 1977-present.

Associate Editor, Tectonophysics, 1979-92.

Member and Chairman, Earth Sciences Review Panel, LBL, 1980- 81.

Member, Day Medal Committee, GSA, 1981.

Member, Bucher Medal Committee, AGU, 1981.

Member, Hydrocarbon Research Drilling Committee, NRC, 1987- 88.

Invited speaker at 1988 SEG Annual Meeting Research Symposium.

Member, advisory board, INTEVEP, Venezuela, 1989-

Co-organizer, Conference on Active Strike Slip Tectonics, Florence, Italy, 1989.

Distinguished Lecturer, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Pakistan, 1996


Honors and Awards:

Research Fellow, A. P. Sloan Foundation, 1972-74.

J. B. Macelwane Award, AGU, 1974.

Mellon Fellowship, Stanford University, 1974-75.

Newcomb Cleveland Prize, AAAS, 1975.

Fellow, AGU, 1976.

Fellow, GSA, 1980.

University Fellow, Stanford University, 1980.

Fellow, Sackler Institute, Tel Aviv University, 1985-1987.

Wayne Loel Professorship of Earth Sciences, 1988.

Invited Snider Lecturer, University of Toronto, Canada, 1988.

Bicentennial Fellow, U. de los Andes, Venezuela, 1988.

Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo and ERI, 1988.

Visiting Scholar, Amoco/Canada UBC/Vancouver, 1989.

Harris Distinguished Lecturer Series,Texas A & M, 1989.

Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, 1990

Sliver Apple Award, National Educational Film & Video Festival, March 1991.

SEG Honorary Membership Award, June 1996.


Professional Societies:

American Geophysical Union

Geological Society of America

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Seismological Society of America

Society of Petroleum Engineers



Over 180 papers in refereed journals; and 3 books.


Keynote speaker:

Joint EAEG/EAPG work on "Developing new reservoirs", St. Petersburg, Russia. September, 1994.


Recent invited lectures and short courses relevant to this project:

EAEG workshop on "Developing new reservoirs", St. Petersburg, Russia, September, 1994.

Conference by the Nigerian Petroleum Institute, National Meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, May 1994.

In 1995--Yale, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Lockheed Res.[Palo Alto],UCSD

In 1996--LLNL, Israel Geophy. Inst., EMBARI, GFZ-3 lectures [Potsdam, Germany],

Workshop in Luxembourg on "Short Term Thermal and Hydrological Signatures effects", 1994.

World conference on "Natural Disaster Mitigation", Cairo, Egypt 1996

Earthquake prediction, U. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 1996

Distinguished lecturer, the Natiagali summer college, Natiagali, Pakistan, 1996

Gas hydrates workshop, National Gas Authority of India, Dehli, 1996

Gas Hydrates, Korean Inst. of Marine R&D, Ansan, Korea, 1996

Rockphysics workshop, Aberdeen, Scotland 1995.

Improved oil Recovery, Manchester College, Oxford U., UK 1995.

Improved oil Recovery, Pembroke College, Oxford U., UK 1996.

Reservoir management and Improved oil Recovery, Daqing oil field, Daqing city, PRC, 1996


Other Activities:

School Alumni courses without grades 1995, 1996