Dr. Jude Amaefule is Chairman/CEO and Co-Founder of Emerald Energy Resources Limited. From inception of EERL, Dr Amaefule had served as the Vice Chairman/COO until August 2007 when he was appointed to this new position. In his capacity as CEO, Dr. Amaefule manages the operational (Exploration and Production) affairs of Emerald Energy Resources Limited in addition to developing/managing other business portfolios of the company. He is current Chairman of the Joint Interest Executive Committee (JIEC) for the working interest owners of OPL 229.

Highly motivated, Dr Amaefule has consistently delivered high quality competency both within and outside his core discipline areas. He has over 30 years of practical oil industry experience in management, technology development and consulting. Dr Amaefule had worked for Exploration and Production Companies at various times in his professional career. He was Senior Petroleum Engineer with Occidental Petroleum and BP where he was in charge of BP’s field-wide well productivity improvement in California and Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska. He had also worked in the service sector, as a Senior Vice President in charge of Business Development/marketing and Research & Technology Development and Instrument Development, for Core Laboratories, Division of Western Atlas International in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Amaefule was the Founder/President/CEO of VRMT International Inc., a leading-edge, technology-based, Petroleum Engineering Consultancy company that specializes in optimizing Oil and Gas Reservoir management. He consulted worldwide and created value for Major and Independent Oil and Gas companies on Field-wide-Well Productivity Enhancement, Reservoir Description/ Management and Field Development Planning including Marginal Fields. He performed economic evaluation on projects applying the industry’s guidelines of 35% return on investment for upstream projects. Reviewed and recommended various production optimization/enhancement technologies to revitalize production from existing fields. Specifically, Dr. Amaefule had supervised the Productivity Enhancement Studies of a Major Fields in Nigeria for Exxon Mobil as well as the Field Development Studies of Key Fields for ChevronTexaco and Marginal field Accumulations for local E&P companies.

He holds a BSc (Honours); M.Sc. & PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Active member of several professional societies including the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Society of Professional Well Logging Analysts (SPWLA), Society of Core Analysts(SCA), The New York Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Research Society of America (Sigma XI).

An inventor with three patents(2 British & 1 Canadian), Dr. Amaefule has published and presented over 50 technical papers and also authored and Published 5000 copies of Shell International Exploration and Production, SIEP-Worldwide Manuscript EP report 96-0220 on ”Understanding Formation Damage and Control Strategies“. Formation damage is a problem that is recognized to cost Shell OPCosworldwide in excess of One Billion Dollars annually.

He has received several industry honors and awards in Nigeria, Argentina, Abu Dhabi and USA for contributions to technology including:.

–Recipient of the 2006 Society Of Petroleum Engineers’ SPE International Regional Technical Award for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering in the Area of Reservoir Description and Dynamics, Africa region.

–Selected as an SPE International Distinguished Lecturer for the 2007-2008 Global Lecture Session.

–Selected as Visiting Professor and Chairman, Research Council for the Institute of Petroleum Studies, IPS, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

–Recipient of Best Paper Presenter/Author Award by the 2001 SPE Nigeria Council for Value Created through New Flow Unit technology for YPF-Repsol, Argentina.

–Recipient of the 1999 SPE Nigeria Council Millennium Award for Contributions and Innovations in Petroleum Technology.

–Recipient of the SPE Middle East-Abu Dhabi Gold Award for significant Contribution to technology. (1993)

–Inducted Member to Several Academic Honors Societies (1978/1990)including: Phi Kappa Phi (All University Top 5% Graduating class); Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering); Pi Epsilon Tau (National Petroleum).

–Dedicated Service Award (Pi Epsilon USC Chapter, 1978);

Recipient of several Plaques and Awards from various SPE Chapters worldwide as a distinguished guest speaker (1981-1994).

–Recipient of the USA Department of Energy Research Grant for Post-Graduate Studies (1978-1981).

–Recipient of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Government Scholarship/Bursary Award (1974-1978).

–Recipient of the Eastern Nigerian Government Secondary School Scholarship Award, 1962-67.